Scientific Services


A team of experienced bioinformaticians and statisticians all with a biological background. We provide advice and assistance on using computational methods to extract biological information.

Biological Chemistry

Key services include chemical synthesis and analytical chemistry. We use our extensive chemical knowledge and use of chemical tools to address biological research questions.

Biological Support Unit (BSU)

A state of the art facility at the forefront of modern design. Comprising four individual multifunctional Bio-Science Units served by a centralised service, the BSU offers high health status, quarantine and Containment Level II holding and associated procedure areas.

Flow Cytometry

Flow Cytometry offers high quality, world class instrumentation to help meet our research goals. Within the facility there are self-use analysers and cell sorters that are run as a service.

Gene Targeting

The team can help with designing a targeting strategy through to the production of transgenic mice, as well as a range of additional services.


The imaging team provide a range of services including advice on experiment design, advanced image processing and analysis, training and support for a range of imaging modalities.


A multidisciplinary platform for the interpretation of lipid changes in biological systems, specialising in the translation of lipid profiles into biosynthetic metabolic pathways.

Mass Spectrometry

The primary role of the Facility is to apply state of the art techniques in mass spectrometry to address important biological questions, within the remit of the Institute.


The NGS facility is equipped with an Illumina NextSeq, MiSeq and a HiSeq. Having a selection of sequencers allows researchers to select the read length and sequencing depth best suited for their projects.