Wildflower meadows


Some of the eagled eyed amongst you may have noticed the paths that have been cut through the long grass, on the parkland towards the front of the Hall. Others of you may have wondered why the long grass hasn't been mowed recently...are the gardeners on strike? Have the mowers broken down?? 

Our fabulous Estates and Gardening Team deeply care about the Campus environment and ecology, which they dutifully care for. They are also widely passionate about ecology and sustainability, so one of the initiatives they have introduced this year is to allow the grassland to grow long. This includes the grassland in front of the Hall but also other grassy areas throughout the site. 

These areas will be supplemented with a specialist seed mix - and will provide refuge for small mammal and ground nesting birds on the less active areas of the site, as well as being attractive to bees, butterflies and other pollinators. These areas will be cut, and the resultant material removed once seed has dropped, in the early Autumn.

On the Parkland in front of the Hall we have cut pathways within the uncut areas to provide walking trails for campus staff to use. Please do take the time to wander through the grassland, it's a little bumpy underfoot but it gives a completely different view of the Campus. 

This is being run alongside our commitment to increase biodiversity across campus and includes the management of set aside areas and field margins on wider estate to the south of the river.

Thank you as ever to our fantastic Estates and Gardening Team who work tirelessly to keep our Campus looking fabulous whilst being an ever developing habitat for wildlife.