Kathryn Chapman meets with Campus companies to hear your views


Kathryn Chapman, Director of Science and Entrepreneurship and Samantha Jackson, Marketing Manager, met with a group of representatives from Campus companies in the first of a series of roundtable feedback sessions. 

Following on from the recent press release, outlining Kathryn's vision for the Campus, we felt it was vitally important to hear the views of companies on Campus - what are your challenges, how can we help you and what would you like to see the Campus deliver? 

The Campus vision and strategy is to be the best place in the world for discovery bioscience research and innovation; a leading sustainable ecosystem to start, scale and grow bioscience business. 

The aim is to maximise the value for individuals and companies of being on Campus to accelerate research, career and company impact. 

This first session was really dynamic, lots of positive ideas and feedback - some challenges to address - but it enables us to start formulating a long-term programme of support for businesses based here. 

If you would like to hear more or would like to be involved in a future session, please email samantha.jackson@babraham.co.uk