o2h technology offering - applications required by end of Dec.


o2h technology specializes in developing MVPs, custom products and special project builds covering web, mobile and cloud. We collaborate with - accelerators and incubators across life science / tech / green tech to support through all phases of software development including planning, design, implementation and launch.


We have experience with a range of tech stacks including Front end (React), Backend (Node, Laravel), DevOps (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud). Blockchain and AI - C++, Python, Java, Hadoop, and Database (Graphql, MySQL, MongoDB). We have completed more than [50] projects for startups and organisations including 

  • Stampfree - a digital postage solution with a global audience
  • Trovr - a greentech app providing digital reverse vending solution
  • Joint Analytics - transforming musculoskeletal medicine w app for video+AI powered diagnostic reporting
  • Pharmenable - we created the internal knowledge management platform for this AI drug discovery company with a mission to create revolutionary new medicines
  • The paris agreement app by LRI - lawyers responding to climate change educating and informing the public and legal colleagues via our custom-built Paris Agreement app for Android and iOS


If you need more information, I am always happy to discuss this over an informal call. 

Please reach out using: fiona@o2h.com or book a short call with me (25min) - https://calendly.com/fiona-nielsen/25min-call


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Book a short call with me (25min) - https://calendly.com/fiona-nielsen/25min-call

Meet with me at the Mill - Tuesday office hours https://calendly.com/fiona-nielsen/meeting-at-the-mill



Fiona Nielsen
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