Campus Christmas Closure dates


The Babraham Research Campus will be closed for the Christmas holiday period between 7pm on Friday 23rd December 2022 and 7am on Tuesday 3rd January 2023. During this time the Campus will be accessible however some services will be unavailable.

Ahead of the Campus closure, please complete the following checks in advance:

  • Review your companies emergency contact details held on the self-service portal and send us any changes.
  • Ensure you have completed the flushing of all water outlets before you finish for Christmas and send us the completed records for 2021.
  • Check and order any laboratory gases, clinical waste bins you will need over the Christmas period.
  • Turn off any equipment and isolate alarms which is not going to be in use.

Whilst the Campus is closed, we will only respond to priority one tasks which should be reported by telephone call to 01223 497120. Please note we will only respond to specific tasks during this time. Any tasks sent by e-mail or by using the self-service portal will be responded to on 3rd January 2023. Campus security will patrol the buildings at least four times per day and will continue to provide first aid cover to the Campus in an emergency. Liquid nitrogen dewars will continue to be filled as normal during this Christmas period. Cleaning consumables will be checked and replenished regularly but daily cleaning will be at a reduced level.

Please be aware that the following services will be unavailable during the Christmas closure period.

  • Dry ice in the BRC communal areas.
  • Babraham Institute (BI) Stores.
  • Market Restaurant (Cambridge Building – B311).
  • Meeting rooms.
  • Clinical waste bin deliveries or disposal, please seal full bins and leave them inside your laboratory inside your until the Campus reopens.

Useful telephone numbers, which operate 24/7/365 include;

  • BRC Helpdesk 01223 497120
  • First Aid or Emergency Line: 01223 804444 (1111)
  • Campus Communication Line 01223 496008