Lonza's Road to First in Human Webinar Series


Lonza is sharing a series of five educational, free webinars entitled “ Expert Series: Road to First in Human” designed to help early-stage biotechs de-risk development projects, accelerate approval, maximise molecule values and simplify development.


The series begins with a webinar hosted by industry experts. Drawn from both inside Lonza and a wide network of innovative biotech companies, they outline the fundamental building blocks and provide insights needed for success in:


  • De-risk your development project and accelerate your path to approval
  • Maximizing your molecule value
  • Simplifying development while minimizing exposure to risk


Watch the teaser video to learn more!


The expertise doesn't end here. Companies who register will have the opportunity to book free, virtual consultation sessions* with relevant experts to get the practical advice needed to help navigate the obstacles to their next milestone.


Companies on BRC can register here to attend.


Webinars are pre-recorded. After registration you will have access to the first webinar and then every second week an additional webinar is “un-locked” to watch and you will receive an email reminder when the webinar is available, or you can go to the platform and watch any “un-locked” webinars once registered at any time.


*Consultation sessions are subject to availability, require no obligation, and are completely confidential.