Logs, kindling and charcoal for sale


Please place your order to firewood@babraham.co.uk and await confirmation that it is ready for collection (from the small wooden shed on your left before you reach the Green Estates Barn – signed from the farm access road over the bridge by Building 730/BSU)

Under this measure, we are unfortunately able to offer change, please bring the correct amount and leave it in the honesty box inside the wooden shed.

Please feel free to back your car up to the shed to load up.

Seasoned firewood is produced from timber sourced on-site, which arises from tree surgery works around the campus, as well as from our Woodland Conservation Programme, which produces sustainable timber from pollarded trees.

Logs are sawn to 10” lengths as standard – we can accommodate larger sizes by arrangement if required.


LOGS - £5 a sack. (10kg)

KINDLING - £5 a sack (5kg)


Bulk order – by arrangement (you will need a trailer or large car/van to collect)

1.25m3 (approximately ½ ton of seasoned split logs - £80


CHARCOAL - £8 a sack (5kg) - Made on site from Babraham timber, using traditional methods – totally chemical free!


Thank you for your interest!


Babraham Estates Team.

01223 496421