Abzena shows sixth sense with California expansion


Life science power player Abzena, whose global headquarters is at Babraham Research Campus in Cambridge, has added a sixth site to its global operations network with expansion in California.

Abzena, which raised an additional $65 million at the end of March, is opening a new biologics testing laboratory close to its Biologics process development and manufacturing hub in San Diego.

The new facility will give Abzena’s partners access to cell-based and PCR safety assays and viral clearance studies to support vital applications.

The latest investment means Abzena now offers both traditional and rapid molecular detection methods with all services appropriate for research cell banks, characterisation of master and working cell banks, end-of-production of cell cultures and bulk drug substances.

Viral clearance studies will utilise technology to ensure valid scale-down models and high quality and high titer viral stocks to ensure no interference of viruses with downstream processes. 

A titer is a measurement of the amount or concentration of a substance in a solution and usually refers to the amount of antibodies found in a person's blood.

The new US facility allows for tighter control of timelines alongside rigorous evaluation of each integrated program to provide appropriate biosafety data de-risking Abzena partners’ programs and supporting their regulatory filings. Bringing these tests into Abzena’s control ensures accelerated timelines for its partners and allows for a single source of data.

Kimball Hall, President and COO, said: “We are delighted to expand our in-house capabilities to provide those working in the biologics space a rapid, streamlined and de-risked process for their biologics safety testing. 

“Our commitment to patients is unparalleled. By bringing this facility in-house we can ensure that our partners benefit from efficiency ensuring their regulatory goals are met to ultimately get new medicines to patients safely.”

Abzena raisedl $65m at the end of March with backers including majority owner Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe (WCAS), Biospring Partners and other affiliated investors. 

Jonathan Goldman, CEO of Abzena, said at the time: “At Abzena, we put patients at the centre of all that we do. This new capital will allow us to develop and manufacture a greater number of novel treatments for more patients.” 

Published on: 04.05.22

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