Cambridge Judge Business School - EnterpriseTECH - Opportunities for Inventors


New technologies and early-stage ideas are needed for EnterpriseTECH student projects

Deadline: 6 September 2021

We have an exciting opportunity for inventors who have early-stage results or a prototype product for our teams of EnterpriseTECH students to explore its commercial potential. They will research the market, commercial advantages and applications of your idea and put together a commercial feasibility report, a video infomercial and deliver a pitch over the course of a term.

We welcome applications from academic and industrial research labs, young ventures, and other organisations. Past projects spanned a wide range of topics from cancer therapy to sustainability, manufacturing, medical devices, digital economy and more. Since many of our research students are funded by UK research council funding, we aim to align our project selection with the strategic themes of UK Research and Innovation. Proposal deadline: 6 September. Find out more and submit a project to our team today