Ablatus wins £1.4m for technology to blitz tumours


Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge will host the first clinical study into a novel technology designed to remove tumours without major surgery.

The business innovator behind the nextgen technology is Ablatus Therapeutics – based at Babraham Research Campus – which has won its second cash award from Innovate UK; this latest worth £1.4m. 

The cash will fund a two-year project to develop the prototype device into a final version for use in patients for the first time.

Partnering with Cambridge-based product engineering and design specialists eg technology as well as Addenbrooke’s itself, the grant will enable Ablatus to push forward with gathering essential clinical data needed for CE mark, commercial launch and ultimately to reach patients.

By using Bimodal Electric Tissue Ablation (BETA), an energy-based alternative to open surgery, the device offers a novel, cost-effective and efficient approach to destroying abnormal tissue, such as tumours, in situ and without major surgery. 

This particular ‘world-BETA’ will potentially allow the ablation of previously untreatable tumours while improving patient outcomes and providing greater clinical options.

Ablatus reports an exciting period of growth since being spun out of Norfolk & Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in October 2015, with support from NHS innovation hub Health Enterprise East (HEE) and £125k granted by The MedTech Accelerator – the joint funding venture led by HEE. Ablatus is also backed by Mercia Asset Management PLC through the Northern VCT Funds.

Chief medical officer and interim CEO Dr Natalie Hayes, said: “This is an enormous opportunity for Ablatus to build on the important work we have already done to complete development of what will be a game-changing treatment for patients with tumours. 

“We are especially pleased to be able to bring this exciting new technology to local patients here in Cambridge when we start our first clinical study in Addenbrooke’s Hospital.”

Chairman Dr Bill Allan added: “This is the second Innovate UK award for Ablatus, emphasising the significance of this technology in improving outcomes for large numbers of patients. It is a fantastic endorsement of the promise that BETA technology has for these groups.”


Published on: 27.08.20

Article sourced from Business Weekly